LA Regional Gathering

The Journey of the Wise Men
       On Saturday, June 17th, LA Region conducted the Illuman SoCal Regional Gathering at Griffith Park, Los Angeles. Taking the familiar story of the Magi (three wise men), and using a Fish Bowl Council format, three brothers representing the wise men, presented the gifts of the Magi in accord with their own story. Juanatano, an indigenous Mayan from Guatemala, presented the frankincense, and taught us about the indigenous sense of the sacred, beginning with Mother Earth. Chris Bobo (MROP 2012), an African American from Long Beach, presented the gift of gold, sharing how he’s learned to use his gold, especially for his family and philanthropically. Samuel Pérez (MROP 2011), a Latino from East LA, presented the gift of myrrh, with the theme of dying before you die, and how life’s big and small deaths have guided him to maturing in his manhood. As the wise men distributed their gifts to the external circle, Mark Infusino rendered a stunning, memorized recitation of T.S. Eliot’s, Journey of the Magi. Bob Juárez carried the council and drummed the cadence during the poem.
       There were men who traveled as far away as San Diego, Camarillo, and Bakersfield to join our special time together. The day began with an inspiring ritual led by Mark Infusino, a shared teaching by Giovanni Pérez and Matt Hardin, the Fishbowl Council, and included time for personal reflection and search, small group council, and a closing ritual led by our weaver, Jim Clarke. All and all a wonderful day, ending with lunch and fellowship.