LA Regional Gathering

Brothers, the LA Men hosted a fabulous Regional Gathering on Sat June 18 at Griffith Park, LA.  There was the normal drumming, teaching, ritual experience, and small group councils.  The goal is always the same: deep connection with like-minded men, and strengthening the Journey of Illumination.  The theme was “Men of Compassion”, which was beautifully portrayed and powerfully embodied in the persons of King Saul, David and Jonathon, and their human characters.

“The gathering was great. I appreciated the archetypal reflections on the Scripture story; approaching an Old Testament story from that angle was utterly new for me, and showed me a new way to relate to stories that often feel remote. The small groups (councils) were a great opportunity to share personal struggles (as well as victories) with other guys in a loving, respectful environment. I have close friends, but it’s difficult to start those conversations with friends oftentimes, so having an opportunity to open up with the guided questions was really helpful. ”  –John Alexander, Participant.

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