San Diego Regional Gathering

Brothers – Last Saturday, Oct. 15, the San Diego region of Illuman SoCal hosted a fabulous gathering of men at Mission San Luis Rey.  These men have come to do the “the work”, and on Saturday the theme was ‘Love in the Midst of Chaos’.   I would say that chaos is the inevitable… in the absence of love.

In opening council, we were asked “Why are you here?”  Each had his own response.  One said, “I need this to stay grounded.”  Another, “To connect with other men.”  I said, “This is becoming my home…”  These are all variations of the same expression:  we are looking for love and unity, in a world of chaos and despair.

As usual, the day started out with drumming.  “What’s up with the drumming”, you might ask?  One of our Illuman weavers, Joel Blunk, tells the story of a young man embarking on his rite of passage in the deep forests of Pennsylvania.   It is pitch black and pouring rain, and on the edge of his comfort zone he walks down a path looking for ‘the tribe’.  Soon, he sees a small fire in the distance, and he hears…… the drumming.  Trepidatiously, he participates in a weekend of ritual and ceremony, and throughout the time…. there’s always the drumming.  “What’s up with the drumming”, he constantly wonders.   Returning home, he finds himself in a daze as to what this all meant.  He tells a close friend, “I’ve got no idea what’s happened, or what this means.  I only know one thing…. I’ll never forget the drumming.”

In dyad groups, we got to know another man, and hear his story.  We were invited to wander on the land, to be close with Nature and, consequently, the human soul — the part of us that is divine.  In small group clans, we shared and listened, and we realized that the antidote to our normal lives – the frantic pursuit of achievement and success – is to be simply, and deeply, present to another.  The antidote to chaos, is love.  We gather for this reason. This is the Journey of Illumination.  Ho.