Santa Barbara/Ventura Regional Gathering

Men – On January 21st, the Santa Barbara/Ventura Region hosted the first Illuman SoCal gathering of the year.  The day was a single day of sunshine between two storms.  What a blessing… thank you Spirit!  The theme of the day was “Wholeness”.  We started the day with a smudging ritual followed by a teaching on wholeness by Wisdom Elder Jim Clarke.  We then went into wandering on the land followed by small council groups to identify our “fragmented selves”.  After a hot bbq lunch, we did a similar exercise in the afternoon to identify with our innate “whole selves”.   The work is based on Bill Plotkin’s book, “Wild Mind”.   Anyone wishing to continue the work on Wholing and Self-healing is invited to check out the October intensive called “Rewilding the Masculine Self”, October 13-15, 2017, in Joshua Tree National Park.