Sex, Love & Intimacy

Illuman SoCal held the first weekend retreat on “Sex, Love & Intimacy”, May 4-6, at Camp Cedar Glen in Julian, CA.  Twenty-five men participated.  The retreat was led by Jim Clarke with teachings by Michael Kimmel and John Lew.

Male sexuality is a mysterious gift of the Divine.  We discovered how God exists through an intimate Trinitarian relationship and that our sexuality is a mirror and metaphor of divine embrace.  We know, at an intuitive level, that sexuality is the experience and true expression of one’s deep self.  But, we learned that when spirituality and sexuality become separated, we in turn become lost, lonely and disconnected.  Sexuality becomes a futile attempt to obtain true love and deep intimacy.  A powerful highlight of the intensive was the fish bowl council in which six Illuman SoCal men shared their own stories of sexual wounding, struggles with religion and orientation, sexual life, and their personal search for intimacy.  A powerful theme of the retreat was the larger story of intimacy ending with experiential insight into our intimacy as humans with the more-than-human world.  As always, the wilderness environment, powerful teaching, experiential practices, ceremonies and rituals, solitude, prayer and council – and lets not forget – excellent food, and finally Illuman brotherhood created a deeply meaningful and transformative time for all who attended including the leadership team.