Soularize 2017, Albuquerque NM

Soularize 2017, Albuquerque NM

Brothers, we have just returned from this year’s Soularize conference, October 26-29, 2017.  As usual, it was held at the Tamaya Hyatt hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Soularize is the annual Illuman national gathering for all men interested, or involved, in Illuman from across the nation, Europe, Canada, and Australia.  Both newcomers and established Illuman men attended.  This year the theme was “Raising Up Elders  We addressed themes of authenticity, brokenness, and generativity from both lectures and deepening in small council circles.

Two “fish bowl councils were conducted, consisting of men of color, and the second with men sharing their personal brokenness and grief. Both powerfully witnessed to all the attending men – almost 300 in number  the need for deep healing and transformation.  The council participants personal stories riveted all present; few men left unchanged.  This was a quintessential example of Illuman’s mission statement:“Men transforming Men.

Once again, our founder, friend and spiritual father, Fr. Richard Rohr, was present throughout the days of the conference and spoke on the topic of n“White Privilege.

For more information on Illuman, Soularize, the Men’s Rites of Passage, and other Illuman chapters, visit the Soularize website for more information:

Soularize 2017- Raising Up Elders: Men Transforming Men