Virtual Council

Illuman SoCal hosts a twice-monthly virtual council group of men from remote locations in California and as far away as Japan.  We meet over Zoom on the second and fourth Thursday of every month, 7:30 pm Pacific time. 

Virtual Council is another way men can stay connected to other men, as well as attending small council group in person.  Local in-person council groups can be found at  Contact Us / small men’s groups.  Virtual Council is led by Mike Suarez (LA region).  Contact Mike at if you are interested. 

“Council” is the place where a man can tell his story…. and be heard.  It is the place where we hear other men’s stories and know that we are all the same.  It is the place where the false masks, cheap paint, and sparkling glitter can all fall off.  In council there is permission to be ourselves, and feel that we truly belong.  Perhaps for the first time, we can speak vulnerably, listen deeply…. and become human.  For many of us, Council is our home. 

Be connected.  Through Virtual Council, no man is left behind — no matter who or where you are.