Illuman SoCal
Illuman SoCal

The Southern California chapter of Illuman International

A not-for-profit organization of men reclaiming their lives as authentic men.

Journey of Illumination
Journey of Illumination

Men-transforming-men through the power of

ritual, image, story, and council.


Crossing into the flow of authentic being and the great patterns of life.

Awakening to the True Self, and the Mystery of God.

By fire, water, blood and desire. Through ritual and the sacred.

A declaration of your own freedom-path; this is your Journey,

To cross the threshold into your full belonging…

Virtual Council
Virtual Council

Get connected……   Join a virtual council group of men connecting from remote locations in California and around the globe



An International Organization of “Men Transforming Men”
History of Illuman
Journey of Illumination
Virtual Council

Illuman SoCal Upcoming Featured Event





Valyermo, CA

May 29 – June 2,  2019 

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Upcoming Events

¡Ascendiendo Escaleras! Buscando la Cumbre del Espirítu y del Corazón
Illuman SoCal Reunión Regional “Muchos hombres se pasan la vida subiendo la escalera del éxito, solo para darse cuenta que cuando han llegado a la...
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LA Freedom Walk
Human trafficking is happening everywhere, including where we live. Join us for this simple but meaningful public expression of our desire to see it end....
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Storytelling and the Power of Family
In this retreat, we’ll bring the generations together to surface family stories and to look at the stories that don’t get told in family systems. Drawing on the deeper wisdom of the earth, we’ll also ask how the larger Family of God—including trees, for example—share this need to pass on the knowledge of the past and to participate in a common praise.
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What's Been Happening...

The Divine Feminine
The Los Angeles Region of Illuman SoCal held their annual gathering on Saturday, June 16.  The theme was the Devine Feminine:  We have been taught...
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Sex, Love & Intimacy
Illuman SoCal held the first weekend retreat on "Sex, Love & Intimacy", May 4-6, at Camp Cedar Glen in Julian, CA.  Twenty-five men participated.  The...
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Museum of Tolerance
The Museum of Tolerance is the educational arm of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, an internationally renowned Jewish human rights organization.  The only museum of its...
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LA Freedom Walk
Today, Hollywood Blvd. was inundated with more than 350 enthusiastic walkers calling for an end to Human Trafficking and modern day Slavery. Among them were...
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Soularize 2017, Albuquerque NM
Brothers, we have just returned from this year's Soularize conference, October 26-29, 2017.  As usual, it was held at the Tamaya Hyatt hotel in Albuquerque,...
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Orange County Regional Gathering
Brothers, The men from Huntington Beach just hosted the Orange County Regional Gathering at Huntington Central Park, LA.  Thirty-two men attended including the sons of...
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