Illuman SoCal
Illuman SoCal

The Southern California chapter of Illuman International

A not-for-profit organization of men reclaiming their lives as authentic men.

Journey of Illumination
Journey of Illumination

Men-transforming-men through the power of

ritual, image, story, and council.


Crossing into the flow of authentic being and the great patterns of life.

Awakening to the True Self, and the Mystery of God.

By fire, water, blood and desire. Through ritual and the sacred.

A declaration of your own freedom-path; this is your Journey,

To cross the threshold into your full belonging…

Virtual Council
Virtual Council

Get connected……   Join a virtual council group of men connecting from remote locations in California and around the globe



An International Organization of “Men Transforming Men”

History of Illuman

Journey of Illumination


Virtual Council

Illuman SoCal Upcoming Featured Event

Upcoming Events

Jonah: The Reluctant Prophet

We're gathering in person! Plan to join together! The theme of our event will take the sometimes-overlooked comedic nature of Jonah’s journey as it is...
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El Viejo y el Niño [En Persona y Virtual]

Una mañana de reflexión espiritual para hombres caminando hacia la iluminación. Un evento híbrido, en persona y virtual. Fecha: Sábado, 18 de Diciembre del 2021...
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It’s Time to Re-create the Circle!

We're gathering in person! Plan to join together! Come with a heart ready to greet one another, and to share what this year has given to you...
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Life on the Edge: Desert and Mountain Spirituality – Sharing Stories on This Side of the Coronavirus

An Online Retreat with Illuman Weavers Belden Lane and Joel Blunk Men are both fascinated and frightened by wild terrain—whether it’s the challenge of a...
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Levels of Relationship with the Feminine – Virtual Gathering

In our interconnected lives, there are unconscious energies that support and contaminate our real-life relationships. Our teaching elder, Jim Clarke, will lead us to a...
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Annual Men’s Breakfast

The brothers of Illuman SoCal joyfully embody Richard Rohr’s legacy of men transforming men. Join one another at our annual Men’s Breakfast at the Religious...
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Living the Hero’s Journey: A Path for Male Spiritual Growth

From Jason to Job, Jonah to Jesus, there are universal themes to the twists and turns of life’s journey. Join us for a one-day retreat...
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LA Freedom Walk

On Saturday, January 11th, several of our SoCal Illuman brothers join the crowd of families, youth, women religious, human trafficking survivors, LAPD officers, and many...
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[Postponed] Storytelling and the Power of Family

In this retreat, we’ll bring the generations together to surface family stories and to look at the stories that don’t get told in family systems. Drawing on the deeper wisdom of the earth, we’ll also ask how the larger Family of God—including trees, for example—share this need to pass on the knowledge of the past and to participate in a common praise.
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Nuestras Heridas: Puertas a lo Sagrado

Inspirado en la pintura de Caravaggio, “La Incredulidad de Santo Tomás”, el retiro nos invitará que exploremos nuestras propias heridas y la necesidad de transformarlas....
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¡Ascendiendo Escaleras! Buscando la Cumbre del Espirítu y del Corazón

Illuman SoCal Reunión Regional On Saturday, Dec. 14th, eighteen men gathered at Griffith Park in Los Angeles for our third Illuman SoCal Regional Gathering in...
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After MROP: The Man in the Mirror

OCT 17-19, 2019.    "Our relationship to all people and all things is predicated on our relationship to our self.  To not fully accept our...
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Los Angeles Regional Gathering

JULY 27.   All Men - the LA region of Illuman SoCal will host a Regional Gathering on Saturday, July 27, 9 am - 1 pm. ...
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Inland Empire Regional Gathering

MAY 4.  The next Illuman SoCal Regional Gathering is Saturday, May 4th, 2019, at St. Andrew’s Abbey, 31001 N. Valyermo Road, Valyermo,CA, 93563, from 8:30 am– 4:00 pm. Our...
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Annual Men’s Breakfast

MARCH 23 - Illuman SoCal announces its annual tradition of gathering for breakfast, on the Saturday morning of the Religious Education Congress, in Anaheim.  This...
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From Wild Man to Wise Man – Virtual Council

JAN 20 - APR 28.  ONGOING.   We invite any man interested in going through, or knowing more about, the Mens’ Rites of Passage to participate...
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Illuman SoCal en Español invita a los hermanos de habla español a acompañarnos el 8 de diciembre en Griffth Park en Los Ángeles para una mañana...

SOULARIZE 2018: Soul Purpose…

OCT 18-21 SOUL PURPOSE... Inhabiting Our Unique Psycho-Ecological Niche. This year the annual Illuman National Meeting will take place again in Albuquerque, NM, at the...
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The Man in the Mirror, Part II

MARCH 8-10, 2019.   There is so much more to your life than you’ve known.  You realize this now, because you have spent so much of...
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JULY 21    The Orange County Region of Illuman SoCal hosts: "Men and Forgiveness", a Regional Gathering for all men. Jesus taught us how to...

Sex, Love, Intimacy – An Illuman SoCal Men’s Retreat

Male sexuality is a mysterious gift of the Divine.  We understand God as intimate Trinitarian relationship and our sexuality as a mirror and metaphor of...
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Warrior: Showing Up and Choosing to be Present

SEPT 15    The Inland Empire region of Illuman SoCal will host a regional gathering on September 15.  The theme of the gathering is "Being...
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L.A. Sierra Madre Regional Gathering

APR 21.   We have all encountered obtsacles in our life, whether personal or professional, familial or spiritual. It is how we walk through these difficulties,...
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Religious Educational Congress breakfast

MAR 17.     Since the days that Richard Rohr would be a conference speaker at the Religious Education Congress in Anaheim, the men of Illuman...
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Central Coast Regional Gathering

MAR 2.   THE WAY OF COUNCIL.    In this gathering we will examine the four established guidelines of the Way of the Council – the...
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Walk for Freedom 2019

JANUARY 12, 2019.   Since 2014, ILLUMAN SoCal has marched to our own powerful drumbeat to say NO to Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery. The...
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Backpacking in the Eastern Sierras

July 13-15  A 3-Day Experiential intensive.  Backpacking in the Eastern Sierras is an experiential wilderness backpacking event sponsored by Illuman SoCal. This event is for...
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What's Been Happening...

The Divine Feminine

The Los Angeles Region of Illuman SoCal held their annual gathering on Saturday, June 16.  The theme was the Devine Feminine:  We have been taught...
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Sex, Love & Intimacy

Illuman SoCal held the first weekend retreat on "Sex, Love & Intimacy", May 4-6, at Camp Cedar Glen in Julian, CA.  Twenty-five men participated.  The...
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LA Freedom Walk

Today, Hollywood Blvd. was inundated with more than 350 enthusiastic walkers calling for an end to Human Trafficking and modern day Slavery. Among them were...
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Museum of Tolerance

The Museum of Tolerance is the educational arm of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, an internationally renowned Jewish human rights organization.  The only museum of its...
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Soularize 2017, Albuquerque NM

Brothers, we have just returned from this year's Soularize conference, October 26-29, 2017.  As usual, it was held at the Tamaya Hyatt hotel in Albuquerque,...
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Orange County Regional Gathering

Brothers, The men from Huntington Beach just hosted the Orange County Regional Gathering at Huntington Central Park, LA.  Thirty-two men attended including the sons of...
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